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Michelle Alcorn


Strategist – Coach – Speaker – Promoter – Connector – CEO – Author – Chef – Leader – MC

How can I help your business today?


Strategist – Coach – Speaker – Promoter – Connector – CEO – Author – Chef – Leader – MC

How can I help your business today?

Michelle Alcorn Podcast “People. Plan. Connect.”

Michelle Alcorn & awesome guests weekly, talking about real workforce recruitment, retention, immigration & community building success stories and challenges. She will deliver tips & advice we can do to make a difference today in your life or business to engage better – connect – get the results you want. Share her passion and honest frank conversations with people that want to make a difference.

Maple Chef Michelle “Atlantic Canada Cooks” YouTube Club

Join Michelle Alcorn for her online Cooking Club every Sunday morning!
It’s a trip around the world with scrumptious recipes and meals ideas from our team members and friends from across the globe.

About Michelle Alcorn

Michelle Alcorn is the Founder of R&R Solution and President of Atlantic Canada Language Academy.  Her passion has always been to connect people with opportunities. Her motivation and skilled entrepreneurial spirit have driven her career and expertise in the areas of business development, operations, recruitment, retention, coaching, leadership, training, and service excellence.  Michelle has been a successful executive and leader of various businesses across Canada for more than 25 years. She has lived in Toronto and the East Coast; she understands both large and small communities and companies. While a senior executive in both the optical/ manufacturing and retail industries, Michelle led teams of over 450 employees nationally. Her work supported more than 100 locations from coast to coast; leading over $80 million in sales. She led sales teams with the Northern Group, as well as part of the Executive team that opened American Eagle Outfitters across Canada in 2001. From there she grew to Director of Sales & Operations for Canada with Luxottica Retail (Pearle Vision & Sears Optical); then returned home to Atlantic Canada. In 2006 she switched industries into consultative services where she took over as Branch Manager & Senior Recruiter for Spherion Staffing & The Mergis Group for New Brunswick and PEI. 


When Michelle founded R&R Solution in 2010, it was to continue to work with individuals and companies to reach their goals by making great hiring decisions. As a Leader and Certified Coach Practitioner, she sees that each person’s interests, background, motivations, desires, and work style are different.  These talents allow her to work individually with people and companies to develop programs to engage people to deliver results. She places a high value on what makes each person unique and therefore, valuable. Each person’s character and strengths are what truly matter. Fundamentally, her guiding principle is that “a successful organization can only deliver excellence in external client service if they are delivering exceptional service in their internal service to their employees.” With this in mind, Michelle carefully develops workforce plans that deliver results through having the right people on your team.


People make the difference!!


It is Michelle’s passion for helping others succeed which makes her a remarkable individual with a depth of knowledge on human dynamics and interconnection. She has been a guest speaker for Dovico’sWorkplace Culture, Healthy Habits and Employee EngagementPodcast Series, a Master of Ceremonies for Albert County Chamber of Commerce April 2019 and the McKenzie College graduation ceremonies and has presented for the CPHRNB Chartered Professionals in Human Resources New Brunswick in 2018 & 2019 as well as being co-founder of the interactive 2018 healthy cooking series “Let’s Eat” where she co-presented ideas on healthy eating with Dr. Renee Purdy ND. Best selling Author on Amazon for collaborative Dream Big Be Bold Vol. 4 in 2018. As well, Michelle runs regular culinary team-building exercises with businesses to spark team bonding and employee engagement.


Michelle Alcorn’s Clifton Strengths show why she is passionate about Recruitment

Michelle uses her top strength as a *Maximizer ® to find secret greatness in people and teams and figure out how they can work together more productively. It is through her *Relator ® qualities that she creates genuine bonds with the people she encounters so she can create the right environment for teams to form close and trustworthy relationships. With her *Arranger ® strength, she can predict how people will work together based on her experience, her keen observations, and her connection abilities. She uses her *Individualization ® strength to identify what makes applicants, employers, and work environments individually outstanding. And significantly, with Michelle working on your side, she uses her *Woo ® Winning Others Over strength to create an environment of motivation, inspiration, and encouragement to surpass goals and expectations.

 *Clifton Strengths Top 5 Assessment Strengths for Michelle Alcorn.


How Michelle Alcorn Can Help You.
Strategy Consulting

Michelle Alcorn works with business owners and leaders to help understand the decisions they need to make with regards to their industry; their current business set up and their long term strategy. Michelle works closely with her clients to lead them through the various internal and external processed that can help a business owner understand where they currently are, how they got there, where they want to be, how they will get to their destination and how this success will be measured.

Grow Your Business

Small businesses, especially start-ups, need to focus their growth on the less risk but maybe less quick-growth impact and then gradually increase both risk and impact. Michelle Alcorn can help you identify opportunities for growth at every stage.

Speaker & Team Building

Michelle Alcorn dives deep with her team building program and connects with the real challenges of developing and encouraging a winning team. Whether she is opening awareness of employee strengths through implementing Clifton Strengths (R)  tests or creating employee bonding through culinary team building, Michelle addresses the heart of current recruitment, needs, and retention issues. Some of these issues include how to find individual strengths in your team and maximize them for best results, how to cultivate a culture of understanding, understanding how people communicate differently, and how to optimize your team’s effectiveness and get the tools you need to achieve superior results.

2021 nominee, Food & Drink Excellence, ACLA (Atlantic Canada Cooks)

Why do you need a Business Strategist like Michelle?

>> BECOME OPERATIONALLY EFFICIENT. With a strategy aligned with your goals, you can make better decisions and therefore increase your operational efficiency.


>> DEFINE YOUR DIRECTION. Set up your objectives and goals and match it to your vision and mission so that you can strategically grow and evaluate your decision-making.


>> STOP BEING REACTIVE AND START BEING PROACTIVE Run your business with a strategy and a plan to address both positive and negative situations as they arise to say ahead of the competition.


>> INCREASE PROFITABILITY AND MARKET SHARE. With a solid strategy in place for your organization, all your lead and marketing produce better outcomes, and this increase profits and share.


>> BECOME MORE RESILIENT. A well-defined and robust strategy can help your organization weather changes in the market and consumer habits.




2021 nominee, Community Service, R&R Solution

2021 nominee, Food & Drink Excellence, ACLA (Atlantic Canada Cooks)

2021 nominee, Business of the Year, R&R Solution