People. Plan. Engage. Podcast Shout-out | Michelle Alcorn
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People. Plan. Engage. Podcast Shout-out

People. Plan. Engage. Podcast Shout-out

Hello friends,

This week I am celebrating the great people and podcasts I enjoy listening to! If you’ve ever wondered how my podcast gets created it’s my co-host Tosh Taylor from The Podcast Hub that makes the magic happen on the back-end.

Tosh is a talented lady so I am dedicating this week to her. Check out her company (local!) as well as a sampling of the vast array of podcasts she has produced – The Podcast Hub

Or expand your mind with Simon Sinek’s podcasts as he explores the finite and infinite levels of leadership:

Wherever your podcasting takes you, let me know! If you enjoyed my suggestions or want to suggest some more to me, please reach out! I am always looking for new podcasts that share wisdom.

Have a fruitful week,